Sacajawea, The Windcatcher

Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, an award-winning screenplay, is a story that has never been told in a feature film, yet it is about a well-known icon of American history. Sacajawea’s life as an abused Indigenous Shoshoni girl in 1805 is relevant for today – for her courageous journey brings hope to women of all ages around the world. This project honors the proud heritage, traditions, and languages of Native American people which has fascinated other cultures for generations. Throughout this adventurous story it is Sacajawea’s infinite spirit that heralds a message of Truth and Love for all people of the earth at a time – our time – when Truth and Love are greatly needed.

Production Companies:
Broken Hand Productions
Martin Nuza Productions

John Scott Productions

Kaaren F. Ochoa – Director, Producer
Martin Nuza – Senior Producer
Jane L. Fitzpatrick – Writer, Executive Producer
John Scott – Producer, Stunts, Head Wrangler

Jhane Myers – Producer, Native Advisor
Susan K. Funk – Co-Producer, Native Advisor
Ron Weisberg – Co-Producer
Leo Ariwite – Associate Producer, Shoshoni Advisor