Moon Drake Series

Moon Drake Series – “Wisdom from the Earth” (For ages 8-13) This series focuses on the power of cultural and traditional wisdom and the challenges we all face – connecting us to the heart of the Earth and each other. Humanity over generations has listened, wondered, and believed in the great Oneness of Being. Though many have forgotten, these truths are still here for us today.

The Moon Drake series is based on cultural proverbs and parables from the Ages and the human, spiritual, and environmental issues of our time. These elements come together to create anime stories for children to see, hear, and learn, with a purpose to unify young hearts around the globe. We must remember we are all Indigenous to some place and we have valuable wisdom to learn and share.

Please view our sizzle reel:

Moon Drake Series Sizzle Reel

Production Companies:
Broken Hand Productions
Martin Nuza Productions
Temple Gate Films

Martin Nuza – Senior Producer, Writer
Jane L. Fitzpatrick – Creator, Writer, Producer
Rick Balentine
– Composer, Producer
Mark Rickerby – Writer, Producer
Tanille Yow Ulm – Casting Director
Susan K. Funk – Casting Producer