Martin Nuza has worked in the film industry since 2005. He is an International, award-winning screenwriter, producer and director of documentary and feature film productions. In addition, Martin is also a published author having three novels published in the United Kingdom. “Promises: The Mason Ordeal” ISBN 075411-371-X (Minerva Press) UK, “Promises: Emily’s Harrowing story” ISBN 978 1 84693 0379 (Best Publishing) UK and his newest crime novel, “Snatched: The Unforgettable Cruise” ISBN13 978 1800944633 (Michael Terence Publishing) UK on AMAZON. In February 2020, Martin won “Best Original Story” and “Best Screenplay” awards at the “Vegas Movie Awards” film festival for his screenplay “A Cannibal Mind“.

As well as producing his own projects, Martin has also been Executive Producer to many other projects through the years, some also winning International Awards at film festivals. In 2019, Martin wrote and produced the short film “The Woods Encounters”, directed by Pedro Sanchez Roman. The film won many International top awards, and on two occasions, Martin won the top “Best Producer” award from the “Oniros Film Awards,” in Italy, and again at the “Vegas Movie Awards” in the States, in July 2020 for The Woods Encounters. Due to The Woods Encounters International success, Martin developed and produced “The Woods Encounters: The Movie” a feature film directed by Pedro Sanchez Roman in 2021.

In 2019, Martin was Executive Producer for the award-winning feature film, The Shepherd, by Laszlo Illes, which won many top International awards. He was also Executive Producer for the multi award-winning feature film Scotland, by Manish Vatssalaya, which was also selected for the first round of the “92nd Academy Awards” in Los Angeles in 2020, for best picture, along with 331 other feature films.

Martin is currently senior producer for the children’s anime series, “Moon Drake“, which he also wrote 6 of its 12 episodes. The feature film production of “Sacajawea, The Windcatcher,” the “Harmony” series, Station 211 series and The Reward feature.

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